Monument Mall Asbuilt Survey

Monument Mall Asbuilt Survey

eBIM were comissioned by Hammerson to carry out a full asbuilt survey of the Monument Mall shopping centre in Newcastle.…

eBIM were comissioned by Hammerson to carry out a full asbuilt survey of the Monument Mall shopping centre in Newcastle. Covering over 20,000 sq m and set over 6 levels this large building posed a number of survey issues.


Revit Surveys are still very new and developing an accurate scope of works can be difficult.
For this project Hammerson required an asbuilt BIM model that would form the basis for all future design and construction works. The model would be utilised by all parties involved in the project. Starting with the Architects but then also the structural & MEP Engineers.
Accurate room sizes were critical as these would be used to generate costing for the lettable areas. The internal units had many awkward shapes making conventional survey methods almost impossible & extremely time consuming. The model would also be used for all stages of the refit including submission of planning applications.
The exterior featured a number of listed facades which need to be recorded in a very high level of detail. This lead to eBIM modelling there most detailed structure to date, with everything down to cctv cameras and up lighters modelled on the external facade.


The 3D Laser Scanning was carried out in 12 days on site and generated over 650 scans. The Shopping centre was in operation so the survey needed to be carried out causing as little disruption as possible. Scanning on this scale requires a carefull planning to ensure accurate coverage of targets for registration. The site also needed to be split into manageable clusters that could be processed and split up.

The mall consisted of many complex bulkheads and shapes that would be almost impossible to survey using conventional methods.


To allow the architects to begin working on their planning applications the exterior scans were registered and modelled first. The updates to the model were then submitted on a rolling basis. Once the exterior was completed the individual floors were modelled starting at the concourse level and working up. eBIM™ had a 3 man modelling team on the project working collaboratively. By using work sets all the updates could be recorded regularly and then submitted and copied into the architect’s master model.

Using the new 2012 pointcloud support multiple point clouds could be linked into the model. These clouds act just as a model element and can be viewed in any of Revit’s 3D views. They can also be turned on and off as necessary. In total there were over 20 individual point clouds used ranging in size from 1GB – 15GB.

All the elements in the model were built using their correct types, (not dumb masses) complex shapes were modelled as inplace families under the correct family and parameters. This creates a fully parametric model using no massing elements.

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